3 essential treadmill life-hacks

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3 essential treadmill life-hacks

We all know finding time to exercise can be tough. Life gets in the way and prioritising time at the gym or outside getting fit can be tough. Sowe thought we would show you how come essential tasks can be made easier, healthier and more fun by simply adding a treadmill.

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Since 2013, BH fitness treadmills have been tablet and smartphone ready thanks to the revolutionary i.Concept technology. Simply put the i.Concept integrates your phone or tablet to your treadmill, providing wifi, music, media and tracking your workouts. So it makes sense to be moving while you check your emails, troll your friends on social media or get some grocery shopping done online… Go on, buy that chocolate you want, you’ve already burnt off the calories anyway, right!?

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In 2009, indie rock band OK Go made a game changing music video clip. One that would set the course for their now space-age (they literally shot a recent video in zero gravity) style. The video featured the four members choreographed on treadmills. Nearly 38 million people have viewed their video at the time of writing. We know our treadmills are capable of taking on the stomps and slides of your new moves. So get dancing and get fit doing it.

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Be a good ‘human’. We all know that dog owners can be a little bit slack. It is especially hard to get motivated to walk your favourite furball when the outside world isn’t looking good. Heat, cold, wet and wind are all great reasons to be a ‘good boooyy’ (or girl) and exercise your pooch indoors. They can’t talk but we can assume they probably don’t mind staying warm and dry inside and going walkies on the treadmill