Fitness Equipment by BH Fitness


I don’t know what to buy?

  • We’re not all the same and we want to achieve different fitness and health goals. Don’t worry – tell us what your needs are and our team of dedicated experts will help you find the best solution that suits you! Simply contact us and we'll come back to ASAP.

What if I break something or lose a part?

We understand that sometimes accidents happen. In the event that you accidentally break something, lose the safety key to operate your treadmill or whatever the case may be you can feel safe in the knowledge that we carry all spare parts locally and can get replacement items to you in a flash!  You may even find the part you need onin our accessory section.

In the very rare event that your item is faulty, BH Fitness reserves the option to repair or replace the defective part for you at no cost. While we will always work hard to complete your service as quickly as possible, please understand that we are not responsible for those rare delays caused by factors beyond our control, including but not limited to manufacturing delays, delays caused from shipment of parts to a service facility, transport/postal strikes or acts of God.

If a replacement or return is needed, due to damage or defect, the machine will be picked up and delivered/removed with the same delivery option chosen during checkout. You can choose to upgrade your shipping option at the full cost listed on our delivery page.

Other things worth knowing:

  • We all love our pets…..but we’ve come to learn that treadmill belts are not a good resting place for your pets. Their pet hair can get embedded into the mat and collect into the motor. Not a good thing! 
  • How often should I lubricate my treadmill?
    • BH Fitness recommends that you lubricate your treadmill after approximately every 20 hours of use.
  • Can I use any sort of lubricant?
  • How do I best look after my equipment?
    • Like anything, particularly an item with moving parts, it’s worth giving it some attention every now and then. Tighten screws, keep the unit clean etc….and if you feel like you want it professionally serviced, just give us a call and we can arrange that for you!
    • We can share more information with you that is relevant to your particular equipment purchase when you speak with one of our experts.
  • What else should I know?
    • We’ve come to learn that different floor surfaces can, over time, cause undue pressure on your equipment. Carpet fibers can get into motors and uneven surfaces are not always visible but can force the equipment to keep hitting the floor and take the unit out of alignment. Add to that the weight of someone using the equipment, particularly at speed and you amplify the problem. You also need to protect your floors!
    • To provide the best protection for you, your floors and your BH Fitness equipment we have had a high shock absorbency equipment mat especially produced for this purpose. We couldn’t find one on the market that was good enough so we had one especially produced. (see accessories). We STRONGLY recommend the use of a mat under every piece of equipment!