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About BH Fitness

The BH Group, established in 1909 and headquartered in Spain, is a multi faceted organisation represented across more than 65 countries worldwide.

BH Fitness, established in 1985 as a division of the BH Group, heralds over two decades of experience in the fitness category. A worldwide hallmark of BH Fitness is the company’s dedication to design excellence, innovation, superior function and performance.

BH Fitness products have won, and continue to win, many awards across Europe recognising Excellence in Design.

Products bearing the BH Fitness brand are built in accordance with strict international standards (ISO 9000).
This global measure of quality coupled with Award Winning European Designs has proudly established BH Fitness as No. 1 in Europe!

BH Fitness of Spain combines leadership in technology and style to bring high performance fitness products to your home.  Ranked “Number 1 in Europe”, be your best with BH Fitness.

100 Years of BH Fitness


Beistegui Hermanos S.A. company was founded, more commonly knows as BH, initially dedicated to the weapons industry offering high-precision weapons.

With the First World World now over and having gained significant expercince in steel treatments, this know-how was redeployed to the manufacture of bycycles (note that most of the machinery used preciously was suitable for manufacturing bicycle components). BH started manufactureing bicycles and became the largest bicycle manufacturer in Spain.

BH Group started BH fitness business by extending the technology of precise steel treatment and combining electronics and machinery technology. BH ethos was developed - to apply high technology and offer high-quality products for people’s health.

BH officially launched first excise machines with BH brand name, specifically static exercise bicycles.

The company Exercycle S.A. was formed with the aim of centralising production on exercise equipment and to respond to the growing demand for this type of equipment. The company started out as an independent factory with its sights set on export. Initially its portfolio was focused to the home fitness market in order to introduce accessible fitness equipment to people's daily life.

BH Fitness was the first European company to introduce an electronic monitor on its product.

BH Fitness introduced a new adjustable hydraulic system for rowing machines.

BH Fitness was the first company with monitors to provide the simultaneous readout of basic functions (distance, calories burned, time, speed)

BH Fitness was the firts to launched the first home exercise bicycle with a magnetic brake system to revolutionise the basic structure of exercising bikes from outdoor bicycle technology.
A second exercise equipment factory was established in Mexico: BH Exercycle de Mexico, S.A. de CV

BH applied aluminum alloy for home products for better reliability and less weight.

BH launched the first European manufactured spinning bike. Today BH Fitness is the largest spin bike supplier in Europe.

BH Exercycle began manufacturing the HI-Power brand of fitness equipment for the commercial sector. Exercycle launched the use of an AC motor with variable speed control for professional treadmills, providing greater reliability and redefined the difference between home use and commercial standard.

A third exercise equipment factory was established in Portugal: Maquinasport Aparelhos de Desporto, S.A. In the same year, the fourth exercise equipment factory was established in Portugal: Exer Fitness, S.A.
Furthermore the BH brand covered the whole of Europe and South America and introduced plans to promote the brand througout Asia and North America.

BH Asia Ltd. Was formed in Taiwan to serve customers in East, Southeast, South Asian and Pan-Pacific.  Customers, such as Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and New Zealand.

FitZone Solutions became exclusive distributors of BH Fitness in Australia and New Zealand

BH Fitness offically acquires a California based fitness company (Bladez Fitness) to set up BH North America Corporation, covering the whole North American market.

in August 2007 BH China was officially formed in Shanghai, covering sales, product delivery, service and brand concept to the whole country.

BH group celebrated its 100th birthday and is committed to developing even more innovative and high quality products to continue to enhance people’s health for the following 100 years.